Rewrite Card Reader Writer

Hardware NameRewrite Card Reader Writer
ModelSanwa ABS-V31 (Online)
Dimensions108mm (W) x 260mm (L) x 153.5mm (H)
Card size54mm (W) x 85.6mm (H) x 0.195-0.33mm (Thickness)
Card magnetic holding power139KA/m (1750 [Oe]) +/- 10%
Magnetic record styleFrequency modulation style (F2F)
Magnetic record density210BPI +/-20%
Magnetic record capacity72 character x 3 track (contain STX, ETX, LRC)
Print mediumAdditional style (thermal) Rewrite style (white cloudness, blue leuco, black leuco)
Print styleLine thermal, print head style
Print character kindJIS first socond standard Chinese character, ANK character, barcode (JAN, Code 39) External character (user defined character: at most 245kind)
Number of print characterAt most: 13 character x 22 line (full size)
Print range39mm (W) x 70mm (L)
Erase styleThermal erase head style
Card transfer speedHigh speed (read.write): 444mm/sec Low speed (erase.print): 42~80mm/sec
Transmission functionEIA-574 (RS-232C 9pin), *correspond to USB
Indication function7seg LED x 3 line
Power supplyAC100V
Input voltage50/60Hz
Feature Image