Magnetic Card Reader

Hardware NameMagnetic Card Reader
ModelC202A Card Reader
Dimensions135mm (L) x 47mm (W) x 45mm (H)
InterfaceUSB, PS/2 and RS232
TrackTrack 1: 210BPI with max 76 characters Track 2: 210 BPI with max 107 characters or 75 BPI with max. 37 characters Track 3: 210 BPI with max 107 characters
Coercively300-4000Oe (Both normal and high coercivity)
Card formatISO7812, IBM standards, AAMVA, JIS-2
Card thickness0.76mm +/-0.08mm (0.030??/-0.003??
Card swipe speed10 to 100 cm/s
Life of headApprox. 500,000 under normal ideal laboratory environment
Supply voltage5VD +/-5%
Supply currentLess than 100mA
Operating temperature-10~50°C
Storage temperature-30~70°C
Operating humidity10~85%RH
Storage humidity10~90%RH
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